GAUSS PROJECT is a company specialised in designing and manufacturing injection moulds with more than 25 years of experience. Over the years we have acquired a strong know-how through our experienced team and highly qualified specialists.

Headquartered in Barcelona, we have both a factory in the province of Barcelona, as in Navarre and in Shenzhen (China), in addition to a delegation in Tlemcen (Algeria). All of them are equipped with the latest facilities and machinery to develop productive activities, ensuring a very high competitiveness.

The relationship with our customers is based on the Service, Proximity and Professional Commitment. We emphasise the total flexibility we have by providing a punctual service from all stages of mould manufacturing; according to the needs of the customer, ensuring the best quality at all times, the cost and delivery.

Furthermore, our after-sales system provides an effective maintenance and rapid assistance, thanks to our facilities in Barcelona and Navarre.